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Visiting Scholar

NSYSU welcomes scholars who are interested in visiting the campus for cooperation with our faculty. Please refer to the appropriate procedure below:


Scholar WITH employment from NSYSU:
Visiting Scholar (with stipend & employment from NSYSU), regardless of visiting period, requires to provide official approval document from the Ministry of Education when applying for visa.


Scholars WITHOUT employment from NSYSU:

Visiting Scholar (without stipend and with visiting period under six months) should provide invitation letter issued by the University when applying for visa.

Please follow Steps 1~3 to obtain the document.

Step 1:

Visiting Scholar should initiate contact with NSYSU faculty and obtain agreement for the visit.
Faculty research specialties can refer to NSYSU website: https://www.nsysu.edu.tw/p/412-1000-88.php?Lang=en


Complete and submit the following documents to the Office of International Affairs:

  1. Application (with NSYSU faculty signature or submitted directly by email ) with complete visiting itinerary in Taiwan; (download  word Word  odt ODT)
  2. Copies of additional documents required (indicated in the application).

Step 3:

Office of International Affairs will process the request for NSYSU Invitation Letter within 5 working days after receiving all the documents required.

The NSYSU Invitation Letter will be emailed to both NSYSU faculty and the visiting scholar.