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About European Union Centre


I. Background Information

The European Union Centre at National Sun Yat-sen University (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”) was established in July 2009 as one of the seven universities consortiums in Taiwan established by the European Commission. The EU Centre at NSYSU is set up under the Office of International Affairs and acts as a leading center in southern Taiwan to raise understanding about the European Union in education, academics, business, art and culture, and community service. Resources at the center are shared amongst universities and secondary and primary schools in southern Taiwan.
II. Accomplishments
From 2012 to 2014, the Centre held 26 events with the involvement of 113 organizations and benefited 23,414 global citizens, including elementary, junior, high school, and college students as well as faculty and professionals from government and commercial sectors. For example, one of our signature events, the “Taiwan-Europe Cultural Exchange and Community Service Scholarship Program,” has been running for more than three years.
The Center matches students from NSYSU and from Europe to work together on sharing aspects of the European Union and EU countries with local students in their classrooms. The face-to-face interaction broadens the visions of local students and initiates their interest to learn and know more about internationalization. The Taiwanese college students developed intercultural cooperation and communication skills working with European students, who had the chance through this project to know the communities. Most important of all, intangible friendships have developed among students and faculty across the globe.
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Contact Information

Tel:886-7-5252000 with extension


  mhlee(at)mail.nsysu.edu.tw    phone  ext. 2241

     Dr. Lee             

Dr. Ming-Hsuan Lee

Ph.D. in Economics,

Boston University

Administrative Officer 
  eucentre(at)mail.nsysu.edu.tw    phone  ext. 2244


Ms. Melissa Su

Provide information on studying in the EU

Assist in receiving EU delegations

Organize EU cultural and academic activities

Plan EU relating activities & assist in relating agenda