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2022-2023 Pre-departure Guide (please contact program coordinator)

Contact details of Taiwan’s embassies and missions


l  Application Form for Going Abroad (a copy of the admission permit needs to be attached)
l  application for overseas travel permit for draftee-to-be


l  Students can apply for official trips while participating in various oversea study programs so that the university can track and provide assistance when needed.

l  Download and fill out the application form from the Office of Student Affairs website, acquire stamps from your  department/institute and college dean, then hand into the Student Assistance Division at the Office of Student Affairs


Students participating in oversea study programs can apply for credit transfer for the courses taken overseas with a credit verification (transcript).
Responsible unit: Division of Registration, Office of Academic Affairs (6th floor, Administration Building)
Responsible staff: Ms. Huang
Enrollment related regulations and forms for short-term overseas exchange/studies:
Principles for Course Exemption:
  1.  A course taken overseas must be equivalent to a course at NSYSU. Credit transfer can only be proceeded once verified by the course instructor of NSYSU.
  2. Credit Transfer are calculated according to the hours of the course. Every 18 hours of courses taken overseas is equivalent to 1 credit point at NSYSU.

Related forms for credit exemption application:

  1. Preliminary Course List for Studying Abroad - Prior to going abroad, please discuss the course outline of the oversea university with the NSYSU instructors of the equivalent courses to ensure that transfer and exemptions can be accepted. (You can keep the form for future reference.)
  2. Credit Transfer Application Form - Upon your return, apply for exemption by filling out this form along with your transcript and proof of course hours
Please click here to download the above documents